Wolf in a Suit (US)


First words ever written in USA about Edwin´s work. The American music Blog "Wolf in a Suit" included Edwin in a cool Mixtape along with amazing indie artists (Beautiful words by the way).

Why? [Edwin]... delivers sultry and inviting vocals in an indie RnB/Pop gem that is refreshing, haunting and also manages to remind us of a great artist that actually inspired Edwin – the uber talented and mesmerizing Lauryn Hill.

So listen closely, stay quiet, breath easy and let him pull you into his soundscape for you are in for a must have ride. Enjoy!
— Wolf in a Suit (USA, November 10th, 2017)
Mixtape 21 - Wolf in a Suit.jpg

Edwin Hosoomel - Street.jpg

Prensa Rock (PA)


Prensa Rock, one of the most relevant music magazines in Panama, wrote an article about Edwin´s most recent achievements and congratulated him for his nomination as "Best Rhythm & Blues Singer" in the 35th German Rock & Pop Awards 2017.

...nos llena de orgullo escuchar que un panameño la esté “botando” afuera con tan buena música y convirtiéndose en un referente dentro de la escena alemana.
...el cover está brutal y se nota una gran madurez artística en la música que esta creando Edwin
— Prensa Rock (Panama, October 30th, 2017)