Why? [Edwin]... delivers sultry and inviting vocals in an indie RnB/Pop gem that is refreshing, haunting and also manages to remind us of a great artist. [...] So listen closely, stay quiet, breath easy and let him pull you into his soundscape for you are in for a must have ride. Enjoy!
— Wolf in a Suit (USA, 2017)
[...] d’une sorte de soul vaporeuse et futuriste – le genre James Blake, Lana Del Rey et compagnie, oui. [...] Games in the Darkness a ce petit quelque chose qui fait la différence.
— Les Inrockuptibles (France, 2017)
[...] Si en Games in the Darkness sacó a relucir sus tonos graves y se mostró combativo, aquí muestra todos los matices de su voz y se anima a descubrir su lado sensible. Se añade un tema más a la larga lista de canciones para el Club de Corazones Solitarios.
— Rocktails (Argentina, 2017)
[...] En resumen, se puede esperar una obra llena de corazón y vísceras que promete sencillez y lucidez. La nueva promesa de la música en Alemania está creciendo y lo hace de manera exponencial.
— Nota Random (Mexico, 2017)
[...] A faixa tem uma sonoridade interessante, com elementos eletrônicos discretos em conjunto com a sonoridade de instrumentos orgânicos que garantem uma boa atmosfera para a criação. Uma aposta interessante para ampliar possibilidades.
— Omelete (Brazil, 2017)

Edwin Hosoomel


Artist Information

Labels: Independent artist

Genre: Alternative R&B / Modern Soul

Hometown: Hamburg, Germany

Influences: Prodigy, Lauryn Hill, Jorge Drexler, Oasis

Sounds like: Lana del Rey, James Blake, FKA Twigs, The Weeknd




Edwin Hosoomel was born in Panama in 1982. He has lived the last decade in Germany, calling Hamburg... home.

His love for the music started when he was 6 years old and a record machine came to his hands. But it was not until his mid-twenties, when his talent was “discovered” by some Friends, who listened to him singing by chance.

His musical passion and journey began with Reggae music and went from there to HipHop (… still loving them), evolving then in some kind of mix of both.  All this path led him as singer-songwriter to the sounds of Alternative R&B. What electrified him most about it? It gives him space for complexity and it allows him to experiment not only with new and interesting sounds but with new emotions.

The result?...a very minimalistic, elegant, but still powerful sound.

Edwin is currently composing and producing his debut studio album called “Lighthouse” together with friend and composer Tillmann Dentler.

His debut single "Games in the darkness" is about intensity and power in an unequal relationship. It was released on March 03, 2017. (A couple of weeks after the release Edwin was chosen by the German radio station Detektor.FM as "Best Newcomer" and recommended by the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles as "Must-to-listen artist")

After releasing his second single "Doo Wop (That Thing)" as a tribute to Ms. Lauryn Hill, Edwin was nominated as "Best R&B singer" for the 35th German Rock and Pop Awards 2017.


Latest Press

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Inrockuptibles (FR - Paper Magazine)


awards & Achievements

Nomination as "Best R&B Singer" - 35th German Rock & Pop Awards 2017

"Best Newcomer" - by the German radio station Detektor.FM








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